These 3 Screen-free STEM toys would make your week fun learning

Kids tend to imitate their parents in their daily lives, if you have the tendency to stick in front of the TV watching series then they too get addicted. Some kids are so prone to playing video games all day that they get specs at an early age. To avoid these screen time situations it is imperative that you allow them to play with educational toys. These will develop their mental capacity and also social skills. Make playtime fun with learning toys from Ealingbaby, we suggest a few STEM toy kits for an all rounder experience.

  1. DIY Toy Car

Having toy car collection is the dream of any child, but this one is unique since it can be taken apart and put together much like a racing car. Your child will enjoy playing with this DIY kit for hours, the car parts are flexible and come with attractive sounds along with flashing lights. There is also a tool kit that includes a drill and screws, it challenges their cognitive skills to assemble and build the car from scratch. Enhances their problem solving traits, increases eye-muscle co-ordination, improves their motor dexterity and generates curiosity about mechanical tasks in the real world.

  1. Construction Toy Kit

Teach them early on how things work in the outside world, especially if they are quick learners with engineering toys. The construction toy kit is an ideal baby learning and development toy that include pink and blue building blocks with real life like a hammer, screwdriver, saw, hexagon wrench, and structural panels. It allows them to pretend play being a repair personnel, fun with creativity in fashioning out various shapes and sizes of toys, learn to recognize colors, augment team work skills, gain knowledge of basic maths, and discover the uses of a myriad of hand tools.

  1. Cool Math Game

Figuring out on counting and reading from the cue cards is an intellectual gift, raise the educational level of your child with this basic math game. This is an indoor/outdoor play kit that is colorful, simple and yet makes a big impact on the mind of your child. It includes one balance scale, 1-10 counting scale,  30 double sided activity cards, 19 brown monkeys and 19 pink monkeys. A perfect baby learning activity toy that raises the level of curiosity for weighing/balancing, sharpens recollection with continued memorization of numbers, teaches subtraction/addition, and tutors them on intelligent quandary solving.

Thus these STEM toys allow your kid to exercise their physical and mental capabilities to the hilt. They will forget to tune into idle hours of wasting time in front of the screens and widen the awareness about the things surrounding them in their environment. Ealingbaby is the just the place to look for if you need to induldge your kid into fun learning with toys. These epic pieces bust the myths that toys make your kid lazy and don’t allow them to potentially grow into bright little beings. Enjoy a nice family time building and gaining wisdom with these STEM playkits.

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