Pretend Play Toy for your little chef for solo play

Love all those little chef videos that are viral on the internet lately? Then why not gift something unique and exciting for your kid to enhance their cooking curiosity. With Ealinbaby you can now have a pretend cook show play time with your baby, this solo toy set is equipped with exciting accessories that makes kitchen time a fun activity. Turn your lazy afternoons into an educational fun game time for your kids with this amazing baby learning activity toy set.

Whether you have a little girl or a boy the kitchen play toy is an apt way to teach them the importance of eating their food. Especially if they are a finicky eater who hesitate to choose green vegetables. They can learn the names of all the veggies and their significance to the human body. Make the sessions a fun body science lesson by describing the veggies and the food that they consume daily for growth and strength.

The cooking toy set comes with 22 unique pieces that can be used to dish out pretend food while playtime. It includes a chopping board with a knife, educate them how to deal with a sharp knife and the hazards of picking up a real knife without supervision. They can teach themselves the need to wash any vegetables before cutting them. The set also comes with 8 faux vegetables, your kids can be taught to name them all. Boiling water for tea or coffee is another eccentric way to teach them about cooking, make them memorize the famous nursery poem ‘I’m a little teapot’ while playing with the kettle.

It is the apt learning toy for 1 year old baby girl since they get to develop their social skills while entertaining themselves. Some of the kids are inquisitive about how you prepare all the tasty meals in the kitchen, for them this kitchen play set is the ideal mate. They can gain knowledge about seasoning their food with the faux pepper and salt bottles. The fryer will teach them the importance of having a healthy start to the morning with eggs and other breakfast items. The set also includes six utensils of varying sizes to enhance their chef skills.

It also includes various times of cutting items and spoons to let them unleash their creativity while baking and creating food items. Thus increasing their reasoning and hand-muscle co-ordination. It is an exciting learning toy for preschool children since they can carry it anywhere. It can be taken to class for an entertaining demo session with friends or for a cooking class while on a play date. The set promotes and engages the kids to develop their social skills, make quick decisions, leadership qualities and team spirit. Thus making it an ideal choice for parents to gift their children with this multi-fucntional cooking set.

Their brain remains active during this pretend cooking task and they will be able to identify many different benefits of healthy eating with this play time. By the time they turn experts with their hands you will be amazed as to how they have turned into hale and hearty eaters.

Ealingbaby allows you to make the conscious parent in teaching your kid about the abundance of nature and good eating habits with it intuitive toy collections. Imagine having your kid master perfect table manners and also be an exceptional chef, you will show them off with pride.

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