Kids Pretend Play Cooking Set

Children are fussy and curious eaters, parents always find it hard for them to eat healthy. But what if their desire for learning about new food and its nutritional benefits is combined with fun play? Ealingbaby has a collection of unique pretend toys that can make eating an enjoyable experience. These kitchen activity play kits are the best learning toys for them to memorize food names and gain knowledge about their diet.

  1. Cookware set

A good MasterChef needs to have superior quality cookware for challenging food situations. This play set comes with a kettle, pot, frying pan, spice cans, oil, utensils, bowls and spoons all of which look realistic. The kids will get a grip of the acting out engaging kitchen scenarios with these utensils. They will learn to name all of these daily cooking items, spell the spices, differentiate between the various tastes, and develop motor skills. Their creativity will increase in leaps and bounds as they get trained to prepare meals with ease.

  1. Microwave Play set

When you love to dish out yummy meals, nothing is too late not even educating your kid to use a microwave. This amazing pretend microwave set is an ideal playmate for group activities. Your kid can have a sleepover party, a birthday party or even a playdate with friends and enjoy their time cooking meals on this pretend play kit. The microwave mimics the lights, movements, and functionality of a life-size one. It also includes fake eatables like hamburger, croissants, hot dog and orange juice. A perfect setting for an outdoor party, your child will learn how to socialize, encourage teamwork and hone his or her sharing skills.

  1. Delicious Waffle set

Who doesn’t love hot waffles with dripping honey and molten chocolate ? We bet after playing with this unique snack set your kids will be demanding these sweet treats 24x7. Let them have a fun set up with these pretend measuring cup, eggs, macaroon, blender, spoon, fork, knife and 25 pieces of waffles. They will love to bake and create a set of lip smacking treats, best baby learning toy for 1 year old. An interactive play kit that allows your kid to gain knowledge about healthy eating habits early on.

  1. BBQ Play set

An ideal play set while they remain curious about their surroundings and having to touch or feel different foods everyday. They will learn the importance of daily protein in their diet, with the BBQ pretend set one gets the realistic workings of a grill. Organize an outdoor activity with this plaything and allow them to entertain their friends. This set comes with real like BBQ grill, mesh wire, grill plate, sausages, chicken wing, meat balls and forks to have a wonderful experience. An ideal package learning toy for 3 year old, they will be supercharged to imagine picnic, get together and party scenarios.

These kitchen activity play sets allow the kids to unleash their imagination and storytelling capacity to the fullest. They also get to learn about various food items and their importance for building a strong body. Ealingbaby is the perfect choice to indulge in some MasterChef treats while you make education a fun part of their life's.

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