Logic games and puzzles are on the rise as Smart Toys & Games sees sales double over 2020-21

Globally the toy market has seen a rise in logic games and puzzles since the beginning of the pandemic. Parents are having a challenging time to keep the minds of their kids occupied as they take their lessons from home. Ealingbaby has a variety of baby learning and development toys that can boost the brain activity and help enhance intelligence during the early years of your kid. We suggest a few classic puzzles and logistic games for you to enjoy as a family.

  1. Wooden Sorting Puzzle

Have you forgotten the Abacus? The early learning math toy tool that would teach us counting. Yes, this toy is the modern version of the traditional math skill developing tool. We have a wooden board complete with numbers, shapes, rings, magnetic fishes and calculating tools. Your kid can learn simple math counting with these colorful blocks and items. They can learn counting, stacking, naming the colors and also enjoy faux fishing with the given accessories. All this will enhance their reasoning and eye-muscle co-ordination.

  1. Two Sides Table Top

An ideal baby learning activity toy that allows you to teach your kids to solve mathematical problems, learn numbers and alphabets along with drawing on the board. This magical teaching board comes with two sides and can be used on a daily basis. An extremely handy toy tool during the lockdown, your kid won’t miss the classroom environment. They will have fun learning shapes, letters and numbers. Moreover the board is dust and chalk free, so no worrying about allergic reactions. Your kid will become a pro with words and easy calculations, thus increasing their brain synergy.

  1. Jewelry Making Kit

Worried about how to tap into the imaginative world of girls? We have the gorgeous jewelry making kit that will enhance their creativity into manifolds. This toy kit comes with colorful beads which are of varied shapes and sizes. They come in the flowers and animalistic desing to make statement neck pieces, rings, bracelets, hair clips and chains. They can fashion multiple wrist bands, charms and tricklets out of these beads. Thus increasing their crafting and logical abilities.

  1. Pattern Blocks

A learning toy that your kid will adore for hours, it allows them to create funky geometric patterns and fashion out various objects during playtime. They won’t even feel like a study class is on at home, it will be a fun craft plus educational session. It comes with instructional design cards as well, the kit is packed in an attractive bag and can be carried to picnics, children’s parties and playdates with friends. The kids will enjoy forming imaginative worlds with these building blocks and increase their mind co-ordination game. 

Ealingbaby is the ideal stop for your baby to pick up skills and develop into a healthy, gifted kid.  You will marvel at the way they grow their curious brains into super qualities with these didactic and entertaining toys. Bring home a classic puzzle boardgame and watch them gain knowledge of subjects with leaps and bounds while studying from home.

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