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Little girls enjoy following their mamma’s footsteps and dabble with everyday makeup. There might be countless videos and pictures having these happy memories with baby girls donning lipsticks, nail polish and facial makeup. Ealingbaby brings you a wide range of happy toys that glam up play time. These pretend makeup kits are an excellent baby learning activity toys.

  1. Salon set

Everyone loves a good hair, massage; get their nails pampered and glowing skin. Allow the kid within you to explore these passionate features with this pretend toy kit. A great tool for mother-daughter bonding this play item comes with faux curling iron, comb, mirror, hair dryer, perfume, scissors and hair pins. A perfect combination for girl play dates, thus teaching your little girl the importance of clear skin, shiny hair and chic nails. Not only will the motor skills develop, but also they will learn to socialize in style. All of these can be stored in a pretty little bag to be carried around for entertainment.

  1. Makeup kit

Are you a beauty blogger? Or does your kid love to strut around wearing makeup all the time. You might have seen viral videos on the internet of little girls putting on trendy lipstick, eye shadow, glitter on cheeks and mascaras. Well, now bring the cosmetic range at home albeit, all of it will be a good pretend kit. This play item is packed into a dainty cosmetic bag and it contains lip foundation, real brushes, nail polish and plenty of other beauty products. A wonderful gift for the diva in your family, they can doll up to any occasion. This not only boosts their confidence and creativity, but also allows them to express themselves freely with makeup. An ideal learning toy for 1 year old baby, a wonderful moment of fun for parents as well.

  1. Glam set

Has mom’s makeup case gone missing? Then it’s time to invest in a glamorous cosmetic set which your baby girl will adore. This pretend play item comes with a range of stunning beauty products that look so real that you might get surprised. The quality enables your child to create scenarios that mimic realistic dinner nights makeup inspiration, picnic subtle makeup scene, ballerina inspired fashionable look, and a stylish daily makeup routine. They will effortlessly gain knowledge about brand names and learn to recreate famous celebrity styles with this glam kit. All of this is packed into a cute string purse, the blush, compact, brushes and nail art paint. A great learning toy for 1 year old baby girl, now organize makeup themed parties for them to make new friends.

Ealingbaby certainly makes daily play time entertaining with these fashionable toys. As a parent you can now enjoy shooting mock makeup trial videos together for YouTube or the social media. This can end up becoming a fun activity to bring out the talent hidden within your kid; they will learn to appreciate skin tone, glowing visage and take pleasure in being the style diva.

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