How to Choose the Best Toys for your Kids

Toys are necessary playmates in childhood to bring children’s creativity and imaginations, and develop hobbies. Best toys will take a child to explore in the galaxy, open the first window to see the world, and even more, light up the dark.


Every child has his or her own taste for different kinds of toys. Choosing the best and the most appropriate toys for kids can inspire their imagination and passion for life. Parents and children play together with each other through toys as a bridge. With the development of toys market, parents always feel confused about various toy products and complicated categories.


  1. Different Ages with Different Needs

0-2 years old

In general, when your honey baby is still an infant or below 24 months, they are curious about the whole world and everything besides them. At this time, based on safety, touching is a good way for them to learn. They can sit and move on play mats. Playpen is not only a good choice to guarantee their safety, but satisfies children’s needs to feel about everything around them by touching things with a play mat on the ground and playpen.


2 - 5 years old

Puzzles draw a significant impact on learning numbers and alphabet letters. They are good for them to develop memories of numbers and words.

Pretend Leaning Set will develop imagination and simulate real situations: BBQ, Hamburger Picnic.


5 years old +

When children are around five years old and more, it is a great time for them to exercise body fit and get healthy bodies.

Trampolines for kids



  1. First Choice with Easy Toys, then Make it Harder

If you do not decide which kind of toys, we sincerely suggest that you can start with a simple one, then upgrade to a harder level! For example, your baby is happy playing with magnetics in 90pcs, then you can upgrade the magnetic toy from 90pcs to 110pcs. If he can play with 90pc magnetics, the next step is to give him a harder one like 110 pcs.

  1. Choose more categories of toys to develop more skills

Children are full of creativity and imaginations. Choosing different categories of toys might inspire more different skills and abilities. They can not only explore in the music world, but develop sports passion by playing basketball in the mini-hoops and experience interest in remote control vehicles.

  1. Different Interests with Different Needs

Kindly observe their interests when playing with kids in daily life. If he reacts happy and follows with music sound, an instrumental toy is a great choice for them, like this musical instrument set. If she likes makeup, this makeup bag can give her a lovely pretend makeup experience. Moreover, if he is curious about cooking desserts and food, this Juicer cooking set is suitable for them.

If you have more questions on educational toys, feel free to contact us! Ealingbaby will always be here for you!


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