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Parents effortlessly understand the physical and mental needs of their children, monitoring their food intake, guiding them into playing games that develop skills, giving emotional support and allowing them to unleash their creative best. With Ealingbaby learning toys parents can introduce a world of fun and entertaining play sets. These new age toys are a combination of physical well being and give mental stability. We highly recommend some of these amazing toys for your kids to grow into a balanced individual daily.

  1. Little Trampoline

You have a bunch of little naughty monkeys around the house, who love to jump on the couches, beds and pillows. Then harness this frolic energy by adding a little trampoline in the backyard, it can also be easily kept inside the house due to its adjustable size. This toy set can be dismantled within minutes and transported to another place too, pretty handy when it comes to camping and picnics. The safety padding allows your kid to jump and enjoy on it for hours. This will increase their balance, co-ordinations and give plenty of exercise to their muscles.

  1. Garden and Beach Toy  

Has a curious little toddler who loves to dig around the garden or make holes with tools? Then this trendy garden and beach toy kit is the ideal baby learning activity toy, they can use this to learn the basics of gardening. Take it to the beach to build their own sand castles and amazing designs. The play tool kit comes with a pair of modern gloves, watering can, shovels, apron, trowel, fork, rake and a compact bag to hold them all. They will increase their intellect by learning about various plants and trees; memorize names of the flowers and their colors while practicing gardening. Thus, growing mentally strong on educating themselves about the bounties of nature.

  1. Scooter

Kids have the constant need to move from one place to another, so they crawl or drag or learn to stand on their feet soon. To develop their sense of direction, motion and muscle co-ordination it is important for them to learn a new skill. A scooter is the perfect learning toy for 3-years-olds as well as a young child. With adjustable handle bar and seat one can use this plaything for many years to come. It also comes with cool LED lighting on the front wheels, so that the ride glows in the dark too. Very safe for a toddler who is willing to gain the knowledge of riding a bike on their own.

  1. Matching colors

A simple yet powerful toy tool to set the mind of your child into getting wisdom about colors, matching them with the right ones, and attaining knowledge about various shapes. This toy kit contains vibrant teddy bears that have to match with similar colored cups; the kids will learn how to name the colors as well. A fun way on allowing them to become skilled at counting, sorting, reasoning, logic thinking and solving basic math puzzles. Thus keeping their young minds engaged with intelligent playtime.

Ealingbaby is just the right guide to developing a positive mind and healthy body for your kid with its innovative and educational toys. Make sure you assess the interests of your child and make the right choice in gifting them the ideal toy for leisure and learning.

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