Best Toys for Your Child's Brain Development

Spark your child’s imagination and develop their motor skills with some of these excellent brain developing games. Sometimes we fashion out toys with household items to make things more meaningful and attractive to the curious mind of a kid. From classic brain enhancing toys like the ring stack, puzzle games, missing pieces and push-pull toys a kid learns emotional and social development qualities. With a vast collection from Ealingbaby of baby learning toys, your kid will never grow tired of playtime.

  1. Astronaut Puzzle

Dive deep into the universe with this amazing puzzle deck that offers stunning visuals of the galaxy. Your kid will experience a sense of calm meditation while matching the clear cut puzzles. This board game takes you into a different zone and rewires the brain into concentration and cognitive strength. A kid’s intelligence and memory skills will also enhance with these puzzle pieces.

  1. Wooden Peg Board Game

One the out-of-the-box baby learning and development toys this wooden peg board game not only develops eating etiquettes but also allows your kid to hold forks, chop sticks and spoons correctly. A training play tool that comes with delightfully colored beeds, and wooden spoon accessories. It teaches the hand muscle co-ordination along with brain enhancing ability to grasp on to things. By using the various styles of spoons your kid will nuture patience and memory building skills over a period of time.

  1. Dinosaur play set

Your kid will be able to memorize and identify twelve different types of dinosaur’s and their environment. This play set comes with various shaped grasses and plants that will develop their young minds into learning more about the nature. It will allow their curious thoughts to build up interesting stories with each piece of the dinosaurs. They will automatically improve their color cognitive abilities, muscle co-ordinations, eye movement and strategic planning with this admirable toy education kit.

  1. Cube Activity

The first thing a baby recognizes is shapes and we can develop this into an intelligent activity with the cube placing puzzle game. This is an ideal example of a baby learning toy 2 year old kid as well, the different shapes will interest them and keep them occupied. The blocks come in varied shapes and bold colors. The kid’s will learn effortlessly to grasp onto things, logical thinking about numbers and geometric designs, and be trained in English lettering. Thus making them a genius in maths, problem solving and English language skills.

  1. Music Set

Children love to create music out of the tiniest of things, this is the age to set musical skills in them with ease. The brain grasps easily music rythms and notes during the young age and this music play kit is the right choice for your little drummer at home. The instruments come with a cute backpack and there are 12 unique instruments that can produce melodious tunes when played. Get ready to witness naughty and foot tapping music all around the house with these interesting choice of instruments.

Ealingbaby is just the right place to make the right choice of gifting a bright future to your baby. You will never experience a dull moment during their playtime anymore.

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