4 STEM toys to reduce your kids' pandemic stress

The pandemic has practically stressed out parents and kids alike, since outdoor games have completely taken a backseat. There is lack of exercise and the long hours staying indoors have restricted growth along with limited schooling. Ealingbaby has a variety of home school baby learning and developmental toys that can stimulate the joy of gaining knowledge from the comfort zone. The introduction of STEM game kits can make learning fun and energetic, we advise these enjoyable toys for your kid to beat the pandemic anxiety.

  1. Magnetic Fun Ring

This play kit includes colorful magnets and 52 cue cards with attractive instructions to match the rings with the board. The game promotes social skills since it can become an interactive family session or play date game with other children. It also develops motor skills, cognitive thinking abilities, recognition of colors and shapes, and a collective familiarity of magnets. Thus keeping your child engaged with these funky rings for hours.

  1. Handyman Games

For the slightly older kids this is an interesting way to teach them about mechanical dimensions, tool applications and technological advancement. Tinkering around the house with these handyman tools will keep them busy in gaining imaginational scenarios, prepare them for real world problem solving and also keep them away from TV/video game screens. The tool kit is the exact replica of the ones in the garage, they can pretend to use them and construct furniture models, electronic toy models and block buildings. It comes with nuts, bolts, screwdriver, battery powered drill, nails and hammer. A cool backpack makes it convenient to carry these around for indoor/outdoor camping and picnics.

  1. Science Lab Pretend kit

An excellent learning toy that makes science a pleasurable educational activity, this lab play kit is the ultimate tool to tap into the intelligence and creativity of your kid. It includes real life like beaker, tweezers, measuring cup, spoons, dropper, large test tubes and also a cute name badge. Kids will love to create scientific scenarios with this toy tool; they will gain knowledge about elements, chemistry and the various logical components early on in life. Thus increasing their wisdom in curiosity, exploration, teamwork, self-learning ability and basic math concepts.

  1. Doodle Board

Most of the time while playing indoors the kids will be bored with repetitive activities and hence start doodling around the house. Thus, your home walls will be covered with sketch pen and pencil marks, channel in this restless energy with the doodle board. This unique playmate is an ideal baby learning activity toy. It comes in an interesting design style, with dedicated color zones to make drawing fun; the board has a magnetic brush that effortlessly wipes off the doodling after play. It can also be used as a learning board to solve math problems and learn spellings. Thus heightening the ingenuity, imagination, eye-hand co-ordination, and cognitive skills.

Thus these four desirable and intelligent STEM toys by Ealingbaby reduce the pandemic angst among the parents as well as the children. With dynamic functional abilities and exclusive educational concepts these toys are the superlative playmates for kids of any age.

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